Control basics

Every Falcon communicator comes with 2 outputs or relays. This allows any user to control various parts of their home remotely from the app.

Examples of home systems that can be controlled are:
  • Gate
  • Light
  • Pool pump
  • Magnetic door

For the app user

Request your alarm company to install the wiring and required hardware, to create a small home automation system for you.

You will hear a soft clicking sound from the Falcon when the control is pressed on the app.

For the techncian

Follow the Falcon's installer manual to wire the home system to the correct slot on the Falcon communicator.

The outputs are rated to 24V AC or DC, up to a maximum of 5A.

Ensure that the Falcon is programmed to the correct output type:

  • Pulse
    1. Typically for gates and doors.

  • On/Off (Latch) 
    1. Typically for lights and pumps.

Most Falcons are configured for only a pulse, but the alarm company's technical director will know what is the default output type for the Falcon's that they install. The Falcon Configuration Software package is required to change the output types.