The Manage App Users page gives you the flexibility to manage app user permission linked to the MiRhino App.

Permission rules

There are 3 types of roles for app users:

Owner: An Owner user can assign new user access themselves and change permissions on MiRhino. They always have access to all areas on the device.

User: A plain User can only access the areas that were assigned to them. They cannot manage access for other users on the device.

Installer: Temporary access rights that are provided for Installers on the new Amecor Pro installer app. This is managed automatically by the server.

The following permission rules are further applied when new accounts are added or their roles change:

  1. There needs to be at least one owner on a device
  2. There is currently no limit to the amount of users that can be added
  3. The last Owner role account can only be deleted if all User roles account is removed

Multiple options to add users

Option 1

Option 1 allows you to search for registered users that are already linked to your company. 

If the user is registered and linked to the company, you can select their role and partition access.

Once you've successfully added to a device they should appear in the list of device users.

Option 2

For users that are registered but do not belong to your company, searching for the user in Option 1 will fail.

Instead, Option 2 will allow you to search for users that are registered on the portal and not linked to your company. Similar to Option 1, search for the user's email address. Once found, select their role and which partitions they are allowed to access.

Once successfully added, the user will appear in the list of device users.

Option 3

If the user cannot be found using Option 2 the email address may be incorrect or the user may not be registered yet. To register a new user use Option 3.

To create a new user on the Amecor portal enter the user's email address, first and last name, phone number, and set the access level of the user to 'App User'. The user should create their own password then click create.

After the user is created use Option 2 to add the user to the device.

Editing user role and access

To edit a user linked to a device, tap on the edit button. A pop-up appears where you can edit the user's role and the user's partition access. Click save to apply the changes.

If the changes were successfully saved the user's entry in the list of device users will be updated.