A technician's access to devices is limited to the companies they are linked to and approved in. 

To link to a company:

Go to the Profile tab

Open the company tile to view already linked companies 

Tap the "+" sign to link a new company.

Search for and select your company. If your company is not found please contact your company's administrator to get the correct company name or to add the company to Amecor Pro. This step can also be skipped if you have a company email address.


If you have a company email address enter it to verify the company you have selected in the previous step or if you have skipped the previous step to automatically select your company if it is on a valid domain.

Enter your company phone number if you have entered a company email address. If you have not you can submit the link request without entering a company phone number.

Once your request is sent, your company administrator will need to approve the request before access to the company's devices are granted.