*Before you can install a device you will need to get access to the company (Client ID) the device belongs to. Click here to learn how to link a company.

From the home tab tap the 'Manage Existing' button.

Scan the device's QR code or manually enter the serial number and verification code.

Allow the device to load

Once loaded the device info should display. To check if the device is connected, tap the 'Ping' button

Tapping 'Configure' allows you to rename the labels for the Device's name, areas, zones, panel users and controls (inputs and outputs).

These labels will update on the linked end user's Security App (ie ArmME).

Tapping the 'Serial Protocol' button shows the current serial protocol and also allows you to select a new device type (if it was previously incorrect). Updating will then update the device type and set the serial protocol correctly for the selected device type. 

*Please note that doing this will reset all device labels

Tapping device history will show you previous installation and management operations you have done on the scanned device.

To get assistance tap 'Help' to chat a helpful member or the Amecor support team.