What does this migration mean?

Effective 24 April 2024,  the following security apps will receive their last updateMiFalcon, National Edge, Atlas Fox and MiBlue (for clarity, referred to as security app further in this article).

With the security app project, we believe a brand is more than a name. That's why we decided to consolidate all our apps into a single app, ArmME, for a consistent experience.

It is 100% the same app, just a different name :-)

What will happen to my security app?

Existing users can log in to ArmME using their existing security app accounts to migrate and access the latest features seamlessly.

You can no longer create new accounts, add new devices and set up Wi-Fi-enabled features. In addition, this is also the last app version to receive security updates, and your security app will be pulled from the app store very soon. Finally, after most users have migrated, we will discontinue (shut down) all security app services.

We look forward to bringing you more cutting-edge security features. Download the ArmME app today!

What do I need to do to migrate?

Step 1: Download ArmME here.

Step 2: Log in with your existing account. Please do not create a new account.

Step 3: Wait for your existing devices to be imported.

Step 4: Open your device. If you previously set the app to remember your user code, we would also have securely imported this code.

Step 5: The following device settings will not be imported. Please reconfigure them under the Setting menu. 

  • Any disabled notification subscriptions (for first-time setup, we always enable all notifications subscriptions in ArmME)
  • Area images
  • Quick Action buttons

Step 6: Enjoy ArmME! We look forward to bringing you more cutting-edge security features.