If a lot is going on in life and if you ever forget your password, we got you covered. You can quickly and securely reset your password with your account email by following the steps below. If you want to reset your password with a phone number, go to this article.

1. Click on FORGOT PASSWORD on the login screen.

2. Select EMAIL as the method to reset your password.

3. Enter your email and click NEXT.

4. If your email exists on the app sever, you will be prompted to check your email for a One Time Pin (OTP) code.

5. Check your email and use the 6 digit OTP displayed in the highlighted box.

If you did not receive the email, ensure that you entered the correct email; and have checked your notification or spam email folder. You can always RESEND the OTP in the next step.

6. Back to the security app, enter the OTP and click VERIFY.

7. After your OTP is confirmed, enter your new password and click NEXT.

Please note and follow the password rules. You will receive a warning to choose a new password if it is not followed.

8. The very last step is to confirm your new password. Once entered click on CONFIRM to submit your new password.

Please note you will receive a warning message if your passwords do not match.

9. Once the password has be saved, you will receive a success message. You will be returned to the login and you need to use this new password.

Summary of all possible password reset (from an email) messages

1. "Please check your email for the One-Time Pin (OTP) and enter it in the next step to allow you to change your password. If you do not receive the email in the next few minutes, please check your spam folder, your email service provider might have blocked the email."

Success! Please follow the rest of the steps.

2. "Your email user@example.com was not found on our systems. Please check the spelling or enter another email."

Please check that you did not make a typo :-)

3. "The email user@example.com is not unique to this user. Please enter another email or phone number."

This message should never appear, but please contact us on the odd chance it does happen!

4. "Please check your email for the One-Time Pin (OTP)."

5. "The OTP you entered is invalid or expired. Please try again or request a new OTP to be resent."

Please check that you did not make any mistake typing the OTP number :-)

6. "Password successfully reset."