A verified phone number is required for us to send you a One-Time PIN (OTP) if you forget your password. To avoid any hassles, we urge you to verify your phone number while you still can access your account.

1. Go to the account Settings screen from the menu icon in the top right corner. Your profile will indicate if your mobile phone number is not verified. Click on the EXCLAMATION icon to start the verification process.


3. If your phone number is valid your will receive a One-Time Pin (OTP). If there are any warning messages, follow the message instructions.

4. Open your SMSs to retrieve the OTP.

5. Back to the security app, enter the OTP and click SUBMIT.

6. Your profile will be refreshed with a green tick to indicate your verified phone number.

Summary of all possible phone number verification outcomes and messages

1. "No phone number is stored. Please update your number first."

2. "Another account already confirms the phone number your phone number. Please get in touch with support to lodge a dispute if this is not correct."

3. "You have an invalid phone number on record. Please update your number first."

4. "An SMS with your one-time PIN (OTP) has been sent to your phone number. Please confirm your account by entering your OTP."

5. "The number is already confirmed by another user."

6. "Failed to verify token."

7. "Phone number confirmed."